Same Job Same Pay

New Same Job Same Pay laws mean labour hire workers can receive the same pay as permanents doing the same work.

But it’s not automatic. We need to apply, site by site. Join us to help deliver fair pay.

Same Job Same Pay

Same Job Same Pay was introduced by the Albanese Government as part of the Closing Loopholes amendment to stop labour hire workers being paid less than permanents when performing the same work. The law requires that labour hire workers be paid the same rate as permanents performing the same job.

But it’s not an automatic automatic process, we need to prove it on a site-by-site basis.

The Mining and Energy Union will apply for Same Job Same Pay at eligible sites where our members are employed. 

Under the new laws, applications can be made to the Fair Work Commission at work sites where labour hire workers are paid less than direct employees. 

The Fair Work Commission will then make an assessment as to whether a Same Job Same Pay order is reasonable and may make an order setting a ‘Protected Rate of Pay’, in line with site EA rates. Pay rises due to Protected Rate of Pay orders will come into effect in November 2024. 

As these new laws are untested, our legal team are assessing the circumstances at each work site and making applications strategically, on a case-by-case basis.

The Union has begun making Same Job Same Pay applications at sites where we can show that labour hire workers are paid less for the same job than direct employees covered by an Enterprise Agreement. 

We encourage all coal mineworkers to get involved and help us win Same Job Same Pay at as many worksites as possible.