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Member update: ballot result

June 22, 2023

Mining and Energy Division members have spoken, voting strongly in favour of withdrawing from the Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU) and forming an independent Mining and Energy Union. 

Thank you to all members who participated in this historic ballot over the past month, whether by post or attendance ballot.

Over half of members voted and 98% of formal votes were in favour of independence.

  • Total votes: 11,501
  • Votes in favour: 10,975
  • Votes against: 197
  • Informal votes: 329

I also wish to thank delegates who have conducted workplace attendance ballots; and our officials and staff who have conducted the national ballot with efficiency and professionalism.

Today we have declared the ballot result to the Fair Work Commission and you can see the declaration certificate below.

This result confirms the message we’ve heard from you over several years. Members have told us they want a union that focuses entirely on the needs and challenges of mining and energy workers, while also working constructively and collaboratively within the broader trade union movement. 

We will continue to work through the process ahead of us knowing that we have your support.

Now that the member ballot is complete, we will make an application to the Federal Court of Australia seeking orders to fix a withdrawal date. The Federal Court application may be made after 30 days from today’s declaration of the ballot results. 

Since our National Convention in 2021 unanimously supported pursuing a ballot of members to withdraw from the CFMMEU, we have overcome numerous legal obstacles and delays. I’m very pleased that members have now had their say and we are a major step closer to establishing an independently registered Mining and Energy Union.

In unity,

General President

Tony Maher

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