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Why join the Mining and Energy Union?

There’s never been a more critical time to join a union. Mining companies are reporting record profits while workers continue to fight for a fair go on job security, safety, pay and conditions. The Mining and Energy Union fights for workers in our industries to get better safer, jobs and a fairer share of the prosperity they generate.

Here are three reasons why you should join the Mining and Energy Union today.

1. Better wages and conditions

The Mining and Energy Union work daily to empower members to get better pay, rights and working conditions. Our members organise through the union to improve pay and conditions. Union-negotiated terms of employment backed by high membership ensure higher pay and better conditions in our industry.

2. Health and safety

Unionised sites and pits are safer. The Mining and Energy Union develops and enforces safety regulations and standards in our workplaces. In the coal industry, we employ statutory safety officials with the ability to inspect mine sites, investigate accidents and shut down production if safety is at risk. With the support of the Mining and Energy Union, you can refuse dangerous situations knowing the union has your back.

Mines and power stations are dangerous workplaces and continuously improving workplace health and safety in our industries is a top priority.

3. Legal and industrial advice and support

The Mining and Energy Union is here to support you. If your employer mistreats you, you don’t receive your correct pay or entitlements or you face unfair disciplinary action, you can turn to a MEU representative for expert support and representation.

Whether it’s a simple question or you need urgent legal and site representation, members have access to a wide range of free industrial support and legal services that can assist them with workers’ compensation, superannuation, retrenchment and unfair dismissal.

Like insurance, access to legal and industrial support only kicks in after you join the Union, so don’t wait for a problem to arise before joining.

Contact your District Office if you need legal or workplace support.

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