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AGL Liddell plan ensures job security for over 300 workers

December 12, 2017

The CFMEU Mining and Energy division welcomes the approach taken by AGL Energy in ensuring the employment security of more than 300 workers at Liddell Power station.

AGL has announced that the closure of Liddell Power Station by 2022 will proceed, and that it will repurpose the Liddell site to produce electricity from gas turbines, battery storage and pumped hydro storage.

AGL will also make a significant investment in upgrading nearby Bayswater power station.

Most importantly, the company has given the union a commitment that there will be no forced redundancies.

CFMEU Mining and Energy Division National President Tony Maher said the union was satisfied that the company’s plans have given proper consideration to the importance of employment security.

“The CFMEU has worked closely with AGL to ensure that all existing employees would be able to remain in employment at either Bayswater or the repurposed Liddell, or take a voluntary redundancy,” Tony Maher said.

“We are pleased that AGL has recognised the importance of the livelihood of the Liddell workers, and has committed to ensuring future employment opportunities for those who want it.

“A just transition for workers is more important than the life of a power plant.

“This commitment from AGL is significant, and it is exactly how corporate Australia should deal with major structural changes.

“There are many examples of plant closures being an absolute disaster for the workforce, and the communities around them.

“But in this case, the need for employment security has been given as much importance as energy security and profitability.

“We hope it sets an example for others to follow.”

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