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Appin Mine workers

Appin miners to take fifth week of industrial action

September 21, 2022

Appin Mine workers
Appin MEU Members

We send our solidarity to workers at Appin Lodge, who are in their fourth week of protected industrial action and have put in their notice for a fifth week of industrial action in order to secure a better deal from South32.

Members are undertaking half-shift stoppages each day they are rostered to work as part of this action.

Coal miners at Appin and across the industry have worked through many years of downturn, accepting wage freezes and minimal advancement on pay and conditions when times were tough.

Our members at Appin are negotiating a new enterprise agreement in a context of record profits for South32, high inflation and booming coal prices.
South West District Secretary Andy Davey said that members’ voices were strong in continuing to take action to protect and improve their conditions.

“We had a meeting recently, where around 300 people attended. It raises the hair on the back of your neck to hear how passionate everyone is.
“We can really feel the solidarity from workers and there has been a massive effort from workers and the Union,” he said.

Members are working through a range of issues with South32 and we send our support to members’ efforts.

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