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Appin miners fight and win better pay, conditions

October 26, 2022

MEU members at Appin Lodge have voted up a new, improved agreement at South32, which includes a guaranteed pay rise of 15% over four years with a potential to increase to 20%.
Beyond pay, members have also won improved benefits and conditions, including:

  • A $3,000 sign-on bonus for all operators
  • Retention of the minimum $500 per week incentive scheme
  • Stretch opportunities and double-time overtime rates
  • Improved holiday volunteering process.

Members at Appin Lodge undertook industrial action to secure a better deal from South32. Members undertook various types of industrial action, including half-shift stoppages each day they were rostered to work as part of this action, bans on training, and bans on overtime.
Coal miners at Appin and across the industry have worked through many years of downturn, accepting wage freezes and minimal advancement on pay and conditions when times were tough.
Last year, South32 Illawarra coal division delivered profits of $2.1 billion, and Appin lodge members got organised to ensure they got their fair share.
Coal prices continue to boom, and this win is representative of members coming together and demanding more for the work they do, and all the value they have produced for these companies.

Congratulations to Appin lodge, who stood united and stayed strong.

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