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‘Brand new union’: Mining and Energy Union celebrates first day of independence 

December 1, 2023

The Mining and Energy Union is registered with the Fair Work Commission as a standalone trade union effective today, formalising the withdrawal of the Mining and Energy Division from the Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU). 

MEU General President Tony Maher said it was a historic day for the union, which delivered on members’ strong wish to become independent. 

“Today, we are a brand new union as well as being one of the oldest unions in Australia,” said Mr Maher. 

“We have been representing coal miners since the 1850s, in various forms. Today’s Mining and Energy Union builds on our proud tradition and track record, with a clear focus on meeting the current and future challenges facing workers in mines, ports and power stations. 

“Our industries face constant change, but we will always stand for well-paid jobs in safe workplaces within strong communities.” 

MEU General Secretary Grahame Kelly said the transition from CFMEU to MEU would be seamless for members, with all the day-to-day work and structures of the Union remaining unchanged. 

“The significance of our independence will be felt over time, with the ability to make our own decisions based entirely on our members’ interests. 

“We thank our members, delegates, officials, staff and supporters for their dedication, enthusiasm and hard work in pursuing independence. 

“We look forward to the next chapter of our history as the Mining and Energy Union starting today.” 

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