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May 4, 2022

The Nationals are running a scare campaign about their own policy called the ‘safeguard mechanism’.


Far from being new policy, the ‘safeguard mechanism’ was introduced by Tony Abbott and legislated by the Liberal National Government in 2014.

The ‘safeguard mechanism’ covers Australia’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases by applying baselines to prevent them from significantly increasing emissions. If their emissions increase they have to buy carbon credits to offset them. This is already happening under Scott Morrison.

Along with other large industrial sites, some large coal mines are covered by the safeguard mechanism. The most common greenhouse gas produced during coal mining is methane. Methane is dangerous for workers underground and dangerous for air quality. Mining companies should use all available technology to reduce fugitive methane emissions.

Labor has committed to maintaining the LNP’s safeguard mechanism. Labor has committed that coal mines will not face any greater restrictions regarding emissions than their competitors overseas to protect jobs.

The coal bosses stoking the safeguard mechanism scare campaign are closely aligned with the LNP.

Whitehaven’s Chairman is former Nationals leader Mark Vaile and Bravus (Adani) with CEO Lucas Dow is an LNP donor and cheerleader.

The Business Council of Australia representing big business supports Labor’s ‘Powering Australia’ policy including the safeguard mechanism.

The Nationals are hypocrites when it comes to climate policy and supporting coal mining jobs. They did a deal with the Morrison Government to support Net Zero which they are trying to deny. They voted in parliament to sell out casual miners. Don’t fall for their bullshit.

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