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Eraring extension good news for jobs and energy security

May 23, 2024

The confirmation Eraring Power Station will continue operating until 2027 is good news for energy security and jobs at the power station, the Mining and Energy Union said today. 

However, Origin must now do the right thing and negotiate in good faith with local coal mines to further support local employment for the life of the power station, said MEU Northern Mining and NSW Energy District President Robin Williams. 

Mr Williams said today’s announcement by the NSW Government that it had negotiated terms with Origin about extending operations for two years would provide greater certainty for the Eraring workforce, who were facing closure in little over a year. 

“Eraring’s skilled workforce have been counting down to the 2025 closure date, with talk swirling around about potential extensions. Now they know the timeline they are working towards, they can get on with planning their lives. 

“However, just down the road are a thousand coal miners whose livelihoods depend on supplying coal to the power station, who don’t know if they have jobs after the end of next month. 

“Now that Origin has an agreement in place with the NSW Government underwriting profits, they must negotiate in good faith for an agreement with Centennial to secure coal supply from Myuna and Mandalong mines through to August 2027.” 

MEU delegate and Eraring power station operator Scott King said it was a relief to have the life of the power station extended beyond August next year. 

“We are still facing closure, but we have three years now instead of one. It’s a welcome reprieve that gives us more time to plan what comes next and see where the jobs of the future could be.”

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