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Farewell to Peter Jordan

February 2, 2022

The Northern Mining and NSW Energy District’s December 2021 Delegates meeting provided a fitting send off for a legend of our Union, District President Peter Jordan. After 35 years as a Union Official, Peter retired in January 2022.

Peter commenced work at Liddell Power Station in 1975. In 1986 he became an Official with one of our predecessor Unions the FEDFA, before it amalgamated into the CFMEU and became part of the United Mineworkers Federation in 1993 and subsequently the CFMEU Mining and Energy Division. In 2009 Peter was elected to the role of District President. In total, he has been a member of our Union for more than 46 years.

Peter has been involved in some of the biggest disputes our Union has ever seen, including the ongoing industrial battle with Rio Tinto that lasted for more than 20 years. That dispute delivered the biggest payout in our Union’s history, with over $25 million dollars for Members who were unfairly dismissed at Hunter Valley and Mt Thorley mines in the late 1990s.

General President Tony Maher said Peter Jordan was a highly effective leader whose judgment and commitment had built a strong District organisation.

“Peter has made an incredible contribution, not only to his District but to the National Union. He is absolutely determined when it comes to standing up for members’ interests and making sure every decision has our members at the centre.

“Peter is influential and respected across our Union, across the movement and also across the mining industry. He has represented our Union on many industry bodies, understanding that workers benefit when they have a voice at the decision-making table.

“He will be missed, but he leaves behind an excellent team of Officials, network of Delegates and dedicated staff he has mentored and supported over many years.

“We wish Peter, along with his wife Ellen and their family, all the best for a healthy and happy retirement.”

At a Delegates meeting in December, Peter was presented with an inscribed crystal by the District and a Miners Lamp by the National Union, with this message: “Peter Jordan – For your unwavering and inspired leadership, your fierce advocacy of the Union and Mining & Energy Workers, and your lifelong commitment to the working class… All the best in your well deserved retirement.”

Peter Jordan at the Mount Thorley picket in 1999

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