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Northern Mining & NSW Energy

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Western Australia

About the Northern Mining & NSW Energy District

The Northern Mining and NSW Energy District covers coal mining north of Sydney to the Queensland border along the eastern seaboard. Our largest concentration of members is in the Hunter Valley coal fields of NSW. We also cover workers in power generation all over NSW. We welcome all workers who are eligible to join, including permanent employees and contractors.

What we do

Members can access expert legal advice and assistance, including workers compensation, superannuation, retrenchment, unfair dismissal and more. Our Union plays a vital role in developing and enforcing safety regulations and standards in the coal mining industry. Industry Health and Safety Representatives with statutory powers under coal mining legislation are available to you seven days a week to deal with safety issues.

We are active supporters of our regional mining communities, with our District membership donating over $1 million a year through payroll deduction to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and the Jim Comerford Memorial Wall at our Cessnock office hosting an annual memorial event and a place of solitude and reflection year round for bereaved families.

Who’s who?

District President

Robin Williams

District Secretary

Shane Thompson

District Vice Presidents

Jeremy McWilliams

Mick Taggart

Chad Hanson

Matt Howard

District Check Inspectors

Tony Watson

Steve Tranter

Industrial/Legal Officers

  • Keenon Endacott
  • Stefan Mueller

Board Members

  • Clare Bailey (Female Affirmative Action Representative)
  • Scott Baird (Central Councillor)
  • Stuart Clark
  • Peter Compton (Central Councillor)
  • Simon Duff
  • Adam Hewitt
  • Kyle Hunter
  • Scott King
  • Glenn Kollner
  • Richard Lloyd
  • Jason Porter
  • Joseph Price
  • Michael Schofield (Central Councillor)
  • Luke Thomas
  • Mark Wicks