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About joining

To join the MEU Northern Mining & NSW Energy District, you must work in our industries and regions of coverage.

The Northern Mining and NSW Energy District covers coal mining north of Sydney to the Queensland border along the eastern seaboard. Our largest concentration of members is in the Hunter Valley coal fields of NSW. We also cover workers in power generation all over NSW. We welcome all workers who are eligible to join, including permanent employees and contractors.

Please complete the online form and we will be in touch.

Member benefits and services

Members have access to:

  • District Officials are available 7 days a week
  • Industry Safety and Health Representatives 7 days a week
  • Mine site representation
  • Protecting wages, entitlements, working conditions and safety standards
  • Negotiating Enterprise Agreements
  • Member-focused service providers
  • Office staff available Monday to Friday

Members can access expert legal advice and assistance, including workers compensation, superannuation, retrenchment, unfair dismissal, long service leave and more.

Your best protection at the workplace comes from belonging to the Union. It is against the law for your employer to prevent you from joining the union.

As a member of our Union you can access the assistance of full time Officials, specialist professional legal and industrial staff. You also have the opportunity to network with other unionists in the industry. Be part of a collective that secures your rights and continues a long and proud history of better and safer workplaces.

Your Rights at Work

Are you and your mates sick of not having a say at your workplace? The Fair Work Act gives you the right to bargain as a group and to be represented by the Union. Your employer can’t say no. Have a talk to your workmates and get organised to improve your pay and conditions. Contact your District office for help with organising your workplace.


Under the Fair Work Act (FWA) the new safety net for employees’ wages and conditions is made up of a Modern Award and the National Employment Standards (NES). If you have a collective agreement at your workplace then it will provide for more and if negotiated by the Union, much more.

These are the modern awards that apply to our areas of membership. If it isn’t clear from the name of the award if it is for your industry, open it and read the coverage clause. The NES cover minimum core conditions for ordinary hours, unpaid parental leave, most types of paid leave, notice of termination and redundancy pay.

For information about specific awards, please contact the National Office – 02 9267 1035.

Enterprise Agreements

Most employees in our industries are covered by a collective (Enterprise) agreement. You can search for and find the agreement which operates at your workplace on the Fair Work Australia website.

The Mining and Energy Union plays a vital role in developing and enforcing safety regulations and standards in the coal mining industry. Industry Health and Safety Representatives with statutory powers under coal mining legislation are available to you 7 days a week to deal with safety issues.

The National Assistance Fund (NAF) supports Members through tough times in three main ways:

  • Financial assistance to Members when wages are lost in industrial disputes with employers. This provides a financial safety net for Members fighting to protect and improve coal industry conditions.
  • A lump sum benefit to next of kin in the case of a work-related death.
  • Assistance to Members unable to work and without an income due to injury, in the case their workers’ compensation claim is disputed by the employer or insurer.

Eligibility for NAF payments starts after three months of membership. NAF payments are subject to approval by Trustees according to criteria determined by MEU Central Council.

Should you be killed on your work site or travelling to or from work, you may be entitled to a benefit which is paid in accordance with the Fund’s guidelines to the beneficiary as nominated on your Mortality Fund Benefit Beneficiary Nomination form.

Claims lodged and followed up on mineworkers’ behalf.

Service Providers and Partners

Mineworkers Trust provides funding for hospitals, schools, sporting groups, emergency services and many other community projects.

Annually MWT awards scholarships to MEU family members to pursue tertiary education. Read More about Scholarships.

The Trust has a truly remarkable history, beginning in the 1970s when the operators of the Nymboida Mine, near Grafton, declared bankruptcy and abandoned the lease. The workers staged a “work in” believing the mine was still viable. And so began “the Mine the Workers ran”. A series of negotiations between the Union and the State Government resulted in ownership being granted to the Miners Federation. Thus began the new initiative of United Collieries, a new joint venture with the Federation as lease owner and a number of big mining companies who provided finance for developing the mine.

So far the Trust has returned more than $10 million dollars to Australian mining communities.

About Mineworkers Trust – interview with Andrew Vickers

Since 1941, Mine Super has been committed to the retirement outcomes of its members and being a trusted super partner in the communities they serve. Mine Super knows you’re working hard to secure Australia’s future, so they’ll help secure yours.

Mine Super:

  • Is a profit-to-member fund, focussed on making decisions that are in the best interests of members.
  • Offers insurance to workers in coal mining and other high-risk occupations.
  • Understands the challenges associated with shift work and remote Fly In / Fly Out occupations.
  • Has regional offices near key mining regions, an Australian based member Contact Centre and experienced personnel able to make site visits.
  • Offers all members access to financial advice through Mine Super Financial Advice.

If you have any questions about whether Mine Super is right for you, don’t forget they’re here to help. Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination on their website when considering if their financial products are right for you.

Unity Bank started in 1970 as Waterside Workers’ of Australia Credit Union when a group of dedicated people from the maritime industry got together and formed a mutual financial institution to benefit all maritime workers and their families when the big banks refused.

Since then, it has expanded and now includes Members in power, mining, forestry and energy, their families and the local communities. Today, thanks to the loyalty and support of our Members, we have grown into a strong and healthy financial institution that has remained 100% owned by Unity Bank Members – by you.

Benefits of Unity Bank membership include:

Learn more about the Unity Bank MEU Supporter Package designed to help you gain the most from your finances and to assist you during periods of challenge or hardship in your workplace or community.

Westfund understands the health needs of people in regional Australia because they grew up here. Their building blocks as an early not-for-profit health fund for miners is still deeply rooted in today’s Westfund – they exist for the health and strength of local communities and have been doing so since 1881.

Westfund has members, not customers and treat you like a real person. They’re always looking to fill the gaps in local healthcare and continue to provide ongoing regional investment and support, particularly in regional NSW and QLD. Westfund has invested millions of dollars in these areas to deliver much needed services to its members.
Westfund’s dental and optical services and community initiatives help improve health outcomes.

They also assist various local clubs and community groups to help bring people together to live happier healthier lives. They always operate in our members best interests and are deeply connected to local communities.

Northern Mining & NSW Energy District members can get a quote here.

Union Shopper is a 100 percent union-owned service that provides members with discounts on a wide range of products and services. As a member of MEU Northern Mining & NSW Energy District, you are automatically eligible to register.

Union Shopper is all about ensuring members receive great value for money on whatever you are looking to buy. At no cost to you, they help save time and money, without the hassles and headache. Make the most of this valuable money-saving service.

Before you make another purchase, remember Union Shopper and challenge them to find you a better deal. For detailed information on how to purchase through Union Shopper visit the MEU Northern Mining & NSW Energy Union Shopper Portal.

With your union details on hand you can easily register your membership online, which will then reveal to you the full benefits of our online Members Only area.

Request a quote online: Members can find their best prices on the electrical goods you want to buy 24/7. Simply visit the MEU Northern Mining & NSW Energy Union Shopper Portal with your product details and in two to three business hours they’ll have our best price back to you.

Access to District Lawyers: Members are able to have Wills prepared at no cost as well as Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardianships and Family Law Service provided at discounted rates through the District Lawyers.  A Free online Will is also available, by contacting the District Office.

Notices and resources

2024 MEU General Elections

Nominations for the MEU General Elections open on 15 April 2024 and close on 6 May 2024.  The ballot period will open on 20 May 2024 and close on 11 June 2024.  Notices for the National Office and each individual District and the respective nomination forms are available here:

Northern Mining & NSW Energy District Notice

Northern Mining & NSW Energy District Nomination Form

Northern Mining & NSW Energy District Nomination Form for the position of District Check Inspector

The FWC has issued a decision to amend the Northern Mining and NSW Energy District rules to remove the position of District Vice President (E).  A copy of the decision can be found here.

The FWC has issued a decision to amend the Northern Mining and NSW Energy District rules regarding the position of Female Central Councillor.  A copy of the decision can be found here.