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Western Australia

About the NSW South West District

The NSW South Western District covers South of Sydney to the Victorian border and West to Broken Hill. This includes coal mines and coke works, metalliferous mines as well as energy in the Broken Hill region.

What we do

Members can access expert legal advice and assistance, including workers compensation, superannuation, retrenchment, unfair dismissal and more. Our Union plays a vital role in developing and enforcing safety regulations and standards in the coal mining industry. Industry Health and Safety Representatives with statutory powers under coal mining legislation are available to you seven days a week to deal with safety issues.

Who’s who?

District President

Graeme Osborne

District Secretary

Andy Davey

District Vice President South

Bob Timbs

District Vice President West

Craig Carberry

District Vice President Far West

Greg Braes

District Check Inspector South

Stephen Barrett

Stephen Luck

District Check Inspector West

Stephen Luck

District Board of Management

  • Jeff Barber
  • Murray Dakers
  • Peter Fyfe
  • Matt Gosek
  • Daniel Hopkins – Central Councillor
  • Mark Jenkins
  • Steven Ockers
  • Joe Sleiman
  • Clay Windle