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Rally for secure work, Same Job Same Pay

February 21, 2022

Coal miners joined nurses, truck drivers, teachers, university lecturers, manufacturing workers and other workers from across the Hunter in a rally calling for secure jobs and fair pay last weekend.

Northern Mining and NSW Acting District President Robin Williams told the crowd that Hunter Valley mining companies’ use of labour hire had driven down pay and conditions over the past decade, with mining companies legally able to sidestep longstanding Enterprise Agreements by outsourcing permanent jobs to casual labour hire on pay sometimes up to $40,000 to $50,000 a year less.

Senator Tony Sheldon, who chaired a recent Senate Inquiry into Job Security, said working people today were the first generation whose kids faced worse working conditions than their own. He said that for the first time more than 50% of Australians do not have permanent full-time jobs.

Labor candidate for Hunter Dan Repacholi said he would stand up for ‘same job same pay’ for labour hire workers, to stamp out the unfair practice of workers doing the same job side by side being paid vastly different amounts because one is permanent and one a contractor.

Dan, who is a former coal miner and MEU member, said he would always stand up for workers rights.

Listen to an interview with Dan Repacholi on why he is running for Parliament on our latest podcast.

To learn more about the Same Job Same Pay legislation the MEU has put together a Same Job Same Pay website with stories from real workers and community members. We encourage everyone to get the facts from

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