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No fear: BHP workers have everything to gain from Same Job Same Pay 

May 22, 2023

BHP has resorted to an unfounded fear campaign over the Albanese Government’s promised Same Job Same Pay laws, the Mining and Energy Union said today.

BHP has today written to its workforce suggesting the new laws would be bad for jobs.

But BHP’s real fear is having to share some of their record profits, said Mining and Energy Union General President Tony Maher.

“BHP is right to fear that Same Job Same Pay will lift their wages bill, because they have been exploiting labour hire mineworkers for years,” said Mr Maher.

“BHP has replaced thousands of good, permanent mining jobs with insecure, lower-paid labour hire jobs.

“Along with other big mining companies, they have exploited weak laws allowing them to avoid paying the wages and conditions achieved through genuine enterprise bargaining.

Same Job Same Pay laws will close this loophole.

“BHP mineworkers have nothing to fear and everything to gain from Same Job Same Pay laws, which will help end the culture of division on their mine sites.

“Our mining companies have been pocketing billions in record profits from Australian commodities and they can afford to do the right thing by the workers generating the wealth.”

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