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Oaky north mine protected action continues as glencore attempts to engage replacement workers

June 5, 2017

Oaky North miners will take further protected industrial action next week as Glencore continues its war on workers and places pressure of contractors to engage replacement workers.

CFMEU Mining and Energy Division District Vice President Chris Brodsky said the mining company’s proposed agreement would remove workers’ access to workplace representation in some cases, among a range of other issues.

“So far there has been little movement from Glencore and they are continuing to insist including unreasonable terms in any replacement enterprise agreement,” said Mr Brodsky.

“The CFMEU now understands that Glencore is attempting to pressure contractors and workers to perform the work of the employees that are taking lawful industrial action.”

Mr Brodsky said he had received complaints directly from employees engaged by contractor HD Mining that had been threatened, including with termination of their employment.

“The CFMEU is aware that threats have been directed at workers and contractors in circumstances where those workers have worked at the Mine performing other duties on an ongoing basis.

“Pressure has been directed at those workers to perform the work of those on lawful industrial action. That is a deplorable situation and should it continue the CFMEU will look at all available options to hold Glencore, and contracting companies, to account.”

Mr Brodsky said threatening behaviour was unacceptable and Glencore should take a good hard look at the way they treat all workers. “Workers should not be threatened for not performance work that would ordinarily be performed by those standing up for their rights.

“This is just another example of poor treatment by Glenore of its workforce. Contracting firms such as HD Mining should not allow themselves to be complicit in this behaviour by Glencore.

“Glencore cries poor about coal prices but continue to make billions of dollars from our community’s natural resources.

“It’s time the company agreed to provide workers with the basic conditions and entitlements being sought by the union.”

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