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Operations services bargaining survey results are in

February 9, 2021

The BHP Operations Services Bargaining Survey was recently concluded and the results are in. Hundreds of OS workers gave feedback on what they wanted from the bargaining process.

It was not a surprise to find that 95% believe that having Union representation in bargaining would lead to a better outcome.

Other responses given a top priority rating

  • Wages should be more closely aligned to other BHP/BMA employees
  • Recognition of Christmas Day and Boxing Day as non-working days
  • Accident Pay guaranteed
  • Guaranteed annual wage increases

One respondent said, and this was echoed by many others, “I just want to be treated exactly the same as the BMA workers at the same site. Same job, same pay”.

Another comment that was made multiple times was “We want more clarity and transparent arrangements.”

The issue of jobs for locals was voiced: “BHP say they will support local communities. Well they need to show their support by hiring locally and paying a local living allowance.”

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