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OS workers win pay rises, improved conditions

July 21, 2023


Operations Services production workers have voted up a new agreement after pressuring BHP to improve its offer. 

Even though the Union advocated a ‘no’ vote, believing more could be achieved, we congratulate our OS members who have organised, taken action and won significant gains which will benefit all OS employees. 

Gains include guaranteed 4% wage increases, paid flights, accident pay and greater certainty over job location. 

These are important gains which BHP resisted for five years until workers stood together through their Union and took industrial action.  

The OS Production Agreement still needs to be approved by the Fair Work Commission, to ensure it complies with workplace laws. 

Moving forward, we will continue to back our OS members 100% and work with you to continue improving your rights, pay, conditions and safety. 

MEU membership within Operations Services has grown throughout this bargaining process, giving workers a stronger voice. 

To keep building our collective strength and voice, encourage a workmate to join the MEU today.

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