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Power station closures show need for national Energy Transition Authority

September 29, 2022

Announcements of fast-tracked power station closures in Victoria and Queensland this week demonstrate the need for a national Energy Transition Authority to support affected workers and communities, the Miners Union said today.

Mining and Energy Union General President Tony Maher said all governments needed plans to support an orderly transition and protect the interests of affected workers and communities.

“There are some good transition initiatives at a state level, but the scale and complexity of this change in our economy can’t be left to states to manage alone,” said Mr Maher.

“There is a growing consensus that we need an overarching plan to co-ordinate closures, drive real industry diversification in energy regions and develop industry-wide schemes to support workers through this profound technological and economic change.

“Regular announcements from around the country of power station closures coming forward show that the timetable is moving quickly and we can’t wait any longer for a serious, national policy response.

“The workers and communities who have powered Australia for decades deserve a place at the centre of policy-making at this time of rapid change. The next step should be a national Energy Transition Authority that can work co-operatively with state and regional bodies to plan and support a fair and orderly transition.”

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