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Vale, Arch Tudehope

June 5, 2023

We pay our tribute to Arch Tudehope, who passed away this month. Archie was a proud underground coal miner and staunch third-generation unionist from Collinsville; and all-round working-class hero.

After working as an underground coal miner, Archie continued making a difference in retirement, fighting for support for Queensland’s black lung victims.

Arch helped blow the lid on black lung disease and was one of the three founding members of the Black Lungs Victim Group.

Arch was also a key campaigner for the delivery of the Heart 5 mobile health unit to aid in the early detection of mine dust lung disease in regional Queensland former and retired mineworkers who are no longer getting regular medicals through their employment.

Arch’s legacy is still saving lives.

Arch died aged 75 on May 8 and is survived through his wife Trish, and children Kelly, David, Megan and Bronwyn.

Our thoughts are with Arch’s loved ones.

Rest easy, Arch.

Arch and Kelly in t-shirtswith unionist emblazoned

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