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Worried about your hearing? Things you should know

July 28, 2021

Coal mining is a noisy industry. While awareness of risks and use of hearing protection continues to grow, hearing damage is a risk in open cut and underground coal mining environments.

In fact, around one in eight workers compensation claims made to Coal Mines Insurance are for industrial deafness. Many mineworkers don’t experience work-related hearing loss until they have left the industry, with the average age for first claims for industrial deafness in the mid-50s.

Coal Mines Insurance has streamlined the process for lodging a claim for industrial deafness to make it easier. CMI’s Group Lead Legal Services, Todd Noon explains that claims can be made directly, it is not necessary to engage a lawyer:

‘Some people have said they thought they needed a lawyer to make a claim – that isn’t the case at all. And others have said that they didn’t know they could claim directly with CMI. In fact, it’s often a faster process to claim directly with us or via a union representative.

‘A claim for hearing aids is not a complicated process. We also have a team of specialists who focus exclusively on the management of industrial deafness claims and to guide and support people making this type of claim.’

Resources for making a claim

CMI has developed:

  • a specific industrial deafness claim form
  • a fact sheet that explains the steps involved in lodging an industrial deafness claim and the preferred channels in which to do so

These are available on the CMI website.

If you would like to find out more about industrial deafness claims, contact CMI on 1800 WORKER (1800 967 537).

Fast Facts

  • Industrial deafness claims account for around 14% of all claims received by CMI
  • On average, industrial deafness claims account for 4% of total claim payments
  • Around 66% of first-time claimants are no longer employed in the industry
  • Average age of claimant (first claim for industrial deafness) is 55.7 years.

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