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Yallourn ESOs take action for fair redundancy

February 26, 2024

Emergency Services Officers (ESO’s) working at Energy Australia’s site at Yallourn employed by Programmed Maintenance Services are undertaking indefinite industrial action for fair redundancy entitlements.

ESO’s will continue to fulfil their obligations by responding to emergencies and ensuring they are meeting safety requirements. The industrial actions undertaken will comprise of bans on completing daily shift logs, bans on completing inventory checks, bans on completing debriefing forms, bans on refuelling vehicles, bans on cleaning vehicles, as well as bans on higher duties and overtime.  

Victorian District Secretary Mark Richards said that with Yallourn closing in just four years, ESOs are taking action for fair redundancy entitlements.

“Currently, their entitlements are less than those of Yallourn mine and power station workers.

“That’s not fair and doesn’t live up to Energy Australia promises for a just transition.

“We believe that our ESO’s deserve comparable redundancy entitlements to those they work alongside in the mine and power station, which is four weeks of each year of services paid for all years worked.”

Mr Richards said that there had been a culture at Yallourn of workers organising through the union to stand up for improved entitlements and a just transition.

“Yallourn mineworkers took action in 2022 and were successful in bringing redundancy provisions in line with power station workers. ESOs deserve the same.”

Negotiations started in June 2023.

In January, 100% of members voted yes to undertaking all forms of industrial action with a 94.1% participation rate.

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