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WA Iron Ore Train Drivers play the long game on conditions

February 1, 2024

In December last year, Iron Ore drivers rejected BHP’s offer, despite the Company offering a $40,000 retention bonus just weeks before Christmas in hopes of getting their agreement over the line.

Around 97% of eligible voters participated and over two thirds of workers voted to bring BHP back to the table and keep fighting for fair and consistent conditions.

“We are incredibly proud that even when a very real financial incentive was put on the table, the majority of workers rejected that in favour of continuing our campaign for a comprehensive enterprise agreement,” said Pilbara Organiser, Warren Johncock.

“Our substantive concerns relating to rosters and accommodation standards have still not been addressed and members saw the bonus for what it was – a sugar hit before the holidays.

“Additionally, the previous offer still left many important conditions in Company Policy or at the mercy of management.

“Members at BHP Iron Ore operations have been organising their workplace, building unity and increasing density in order to secure a comprehensive agreement which sets out fair and consistent conditions for all workers.

“We congratulate workers for thinking long-term about their conditions and thank them for their continuing support and unity throughout this campaign.”

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